(Bush) Tea Plots – A Decolonial Patch


Photo by Dondré Trotman


This artwork confronts the historical imposition on this island of the monocrop–Saccharum officinarum–while recognizing nature as a radical maneuver against the singular model of the plantation. Observing how the natural world is threatened and degraded, (Bush) Tea Plots acknowledges the resilience of our regenerative biosphere and its inherent capacity for healing at the agricultural, botanical and psycho-spiritual levels. The work creates visibility of near extinct (Bush) tea practices, appreciating biodiversity through dormant wild botanicals now resurfacing in abandoned sugarcane fields. A living restorative plot, this apothecary of resistance speaks to an increase in biodiversity on the island since the demise of the sugar industry, offering a curative space collaboratively brought to life through art practice, landscape architecture, and botany.

Annalee Davis in collaboration with Kevin Talma and Ras Ils


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